"America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people," George W. Bush said this in 2005, four years after 9/11 (George). A statement like this of Bush is a sign that Americans value security more than freedom, which Doctorow warns against. This statement can be looked at in two ways; it shows that the government cares about protecting its citizens, on the other hand, that is all they care about. In Little Brother Marcus' father says "'I'm saying that it's perfectly reasonable for the police to conduct their investigations by starting with data mining, and then following it up with legwork where a human being actually intervenes to see why the abnormality exists. I don't think that a computer should be telling the police whom to arrest, just helping them sort through the haystack to find a needle'" (Doctorow 40). His father is saying that he is willing to give up some freedom to help a failed system. America has always been about being driven by courage, but since 9/11, Americans have begun to be driven by fearr (Fear). Those who are driven by freedom have self direction; those who only care about security have fear. In 1984, the society follows the government blindly because they fear the government. They feared their government because they knew what it did to enemy nations, “The voice from the telescreen was still pouring forth its tale of prisoners and booty and slaughter but the shouting outside died down a little", and they did not want to be the enemy (Orwell 297). In America, citizens follow and fear the government because the government is viewed as perfect and as Americans; they are supposed to obeyythe government (YouTube). It is good to obey to a degree, but when the government gets out of hand it is the job of the freedom loving people of America to keep them in line. If Americans give up security and fear the government, their futures will be that of Little Brother or 1984.